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Do you know there are about 2 billion websites you could visit and by the time you finish reading this post there will be thousands more? With so many websites covering every imaginable topic, I struggled for a long time with the idea of publishing another.

The big question for me was can I contribute anything of value to trillions of words choking the digital world? Information overload is a genuine problem, and with so much misinformation, disinformation and ‘fake news’ it can be hard to tell whether what one is reading has any real value or meaning.

Besides as a conservationist, I know that every new website and the time each of us spends online add negative impacts on the environment. Furthermore, social media has become a barrier to healthy relationships and social interactions and is increasingly recognised as a cause of mental health problems especially amongst our youth.

In addition to these concerns, I usually prefer to keep a low profile and I hesitate to write or speak about what I’ve learned and come to value; during my 70 plus years on planet earth. Fact is if, like me, you’ve travelled the less known roads through life; you probably have a perspective that doesn’t conform to the general view and consensus. And, if there’s one thing society is uncomfortable with; it is the non-conformist. So, going public with my personal views and opinions is a challenge but I believe it’s time. 2020 has given me time for reflection and reason to speak up and share what I understand about life and our world.

The dramatic events of 2020 have exposed a broken global economic system that dominates all aspects of our lives. Government’s worldwide response to the pandemic, the global reaction to the murder of George Floyd and the Trump/Biden bid for the White House.

Like so many millions of people, I want to do what I can to help create the changes we need. I believe we can do it. My professional life as a community development consultant gives me confidence. I know what people and communities can do when they apply community collective actions. I know that even a handful of people with common intent, clear goals and organisation are able to bring about significant change, at any level where it’s needed. The resources, knowledge and technologies we need to heal the earth and harmonise our way of life with Nature’s way are already in existence.

Circle of Life is a work in progress and a contribution towards change. My aim is to use the website to bring the light and wisdom of the elders to bear on a world that often seems dark, polarised and conflicted. Using research, lived experiences and storytelling; Circle of Life will provide context, authority and a safe space for intelligent conversation and development. The purpose of Circle of Life is to apply the wisdom of the elders to our modern issues of concern particularly – personal and community health, well being, happiness and economic and political affairs as explained in Neeley Fullers Code.

I have nothing to sell, no axes to grind and thank goodness there’s no one I feel I need to impress, so for me, Circle of Life is about having fun, keeping my brain active and dementia at bay and most importantly bringing people together with a common purpose and intention. I firmly believe a better world is coming but change takes time and needs the attention of focused individuals who are willing to come together to develop more effective ways to live and be in this world. I hope to see a better world in my lifetime but I’m a septuagenarian already so … maybe, maybe not!

But back to the present! I’m officially retired, and an elder with more than 70 years of life experience. According to Wikipedia men and women over 70 make up about 6 per cent of the world population; which now stands at nearly 8 billion. With COVID 19 who can say how far the 6 per cent figure will drop before it’s over and we have achieved herd immunity. There are a few things I could say about the pandemic, vaccines and population control but, we have time. I’ll save those thoughts for another post.

So, in July with nothing much to keep me busy and living alone in lockdown, I decided it was ready to say Hello Internet people. The result? I’m now in the middle of a huge learning curve as I come to grips with building a WordPress website. It’s been 14 years since I’d designed my previous website – theblackmarkets.com I’m pleased but quite shocked. Things have moved on quite a bit since then and there are so many options. But, not surprisingly my web design skills are far from up to date. And, I know nothing about online marketing except that it can be seriously expensive.

Hopefully, my way with words, the presentation and quality of content will keep you interested and engaged. Please explore and enjoy your visits. If you like what you find and want to help Circle of Life grow you know what to do down below

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The world has changed a great deal since I was a child. When I talk with my grandchildren I find it helps to understand the hidden impacts of the new technologies which have become a major part of their daily lives. Learn more about the unseen impacts of the Internet on Environment and Mental Health in these videos.

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